Different types of end caps and connectors for Fannon Product's custom replacement infrared lamps
Infrared Heat Lamp Custom End Cap & Connector Options

Types of Fannon End Caps

See Chart Below for Corresponding Figure Numbers

Figure Material of Cap: DIA Quartz: Wave Length: Standard/Gold: Clear/Trans/Ruby Quartz:
1 Stainless Steel 5/8" 1/2" M S/G C/T
2 Stainless Steel 5/8" 1/2" M S/G C/T
3 Stainless Steel 5/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
4 Ceramic 5/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
5 Ceramic 5/8" 1/2" 3/8" M S/G T
6 Ceramic 3/8" M S/G C/T
7 Ceramic 1/2" M S/G C/T/R
8 Ceramic 3/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
9 Ceramic 5/8" 1/2" M/S S/G C/T/R
10 Ceramic 5/8" M/S S/G C/T/R
11 Ceramic 1/2" M S/G Ruby Red C/T
12 Ceramic 3/8" S S C/T
13 Insulated Leads 3/8" S S C/T
14 Stainless/Leads 3/8" S S C/T
15 Ceramic 3/8" S S/G C
16 ICA Wire 5/8" S S/G C
17 Fork Terminal-Ceramic 5/8" M S/G C/T/R

Types of Fannon Connectors

See Chart Below for Corresponding Figure Numbers

Figure Model: Description:
1 Goldenrod Array Element Modules For high watt density applications, Fannon Products manufactures Goldenrod Array Element Modules, a closely arranged grouping of infrared elements that form one high watt density emitter. Use individual Arrays or nest them together to obtain the specific watt densities required for your application. Arrays can also be arranged to cover the exact area you desire.
2 IA-43 Fannon Fuse clip assembly w/ hardware
3 IA-43C Fannon Ceramic Block Assembly w/ cover
4 IA-43D 33mm Stainless steel twin tube mounting bracket w/ thumbscrew
5 IA-43G 23mm Stainless steel twin tube mounting bracket w/ thumbscrewtd>
6 IA-43E Fannon single tube "pinch" connector
7 IA-43F Fannon SK-15 stainless mounting clip
8 IA-43FWS Fannon SK-15 stainless mounting clip w/ stop
9 IA-43H IA-43H Fannon recessed single contact connector w/ 42” leads

Find end caps for a wide range of applications with Fannon Products.

End caps offer protection for your product during finishing, shipping, storage or transportation to the job site. These caps can also serve a critical function as masking caps, helping to protect exposed ends or openings from unwanted contamination or material accumulation during finishing work, such as painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating or e-coating.

Choose from a range of end cap options to fit your specific needs, including threaded and non-threaded designs, tapered fits and tabbed designs that allow for easier installation and removal. Thousands of options are in stock and ready to ship – just select the style, size, material, color and quantity to meet your needs.

Can’t find the right cap for your product? Contact us today to discuss customized options for unique projects with our team and learn how we can partner with you to develop a purpose-made solution.

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