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Replacement Infrared Lamps

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Replacement Infrared Lamps

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Fannon Products Replacement Infrared Lamps

Fannon Products is proud to manufacture over 1000 different quartz replacement infrared lamps for both commercial and industrial use. We’ve been manufacturing replacement infrared lamps since 1954, making Fannon Products one of the most experienced manufacturers of quartz replacement infrared lamps in the United States.

Lamps can be made in virtually any length, wattage, voltage and with a variety of end terminations. Fannon Products manufactures short and medium wavelength infrared lamps in the standard design or Goldenrod design, which incorporates a high efficiency gold reflector that directs the infrared energy where it is needed

Types of Replacement Infrared Lamps

Comfort Heating

Comfort heating lamps from Solaira and Fostoria Industries will bring warmth to the coldest spaces.

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We offer Heidelberg products, an array of Ink Jet Drying Systems, and M&R Replacement Lamps for all of your printing needs.

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Medium-Wave Quartz Infrared Lamps

We offer Medium-Wave Quartz Infrared Lamps in several standard sizes and wattages. These items can be custom-made and will ship directly to you.

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Short Wave Infrared Lamps

We offer Short-Wave Quartz Infrared Lamps in many different sizes and wattages. These can also be custom made to your direct specifications.

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