Replacement infrared bulb with wire connector for Solaira heaters made by Fannon.
Solaira Heater Replacement Infrared Lamps | Fannon Products

Fannon Products provides direct replacement lamps for all Solaira electric Infrared Comfort Heaters. Our lamps are made to the exact size and electrical specifications as the OEM and also include gold glare reduction coating, perfect for comfort heating applications.

Our Solaira Infared Comfort Heater Replacement lamps are competitively priced, and are typically in stock, ready to ship. Call now to place your order.


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Solaira Heater Fannon Replacement Model Numbers

Fannon Lamp FP-10289: Used in the Solaira Alpha15240S, Alpha15240B, SCOSYAW15240B, SCOSYXL15240B, SCOSYAW15240W, SCOSYXL15240W, Riviera Series Heaters.

Fannon Lamp FP-10290: Used in the Salpha15120S, SCOSYAW15120B, SCOSYAW15120W, SCOSYXL151120B, SCOSYXL15120W, Riviera Series Heaters.

Fannon Lamp FP-10327: Used in the Salpha20240S, SCOSYXL20240B, SCOSYXL20240W, Riviera Series Heaters.

FANNON Heater Replacement Infrared Lamps
(Solaira Replacements)

Fannon Lamp # fp-10289

Fannon Lamp # Solaira Lamp # Grainger # Wattage Voltage OAL Fannon Price
FP-10289 SWIREAW15240 11Z952 1500 240 14" $99.00
FP-10290 SWIREAW15120 11Z962 1500 120 14" $99.00
FP-10327 SWIREAW20240 11Z951 2000 240 14" $109.00

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